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24 kbps Ogg Opus stream:
6 kbps Ogg Opus stream:

Please note: Audio stream may be delayed up to 15 seconds or more depending on your software's buffering and network conditions and the 6k stream is delayed 4X longer due to being 1/4 the bitrate.

If you want to use your own player, here are the 24kbps and 6kbps direct Ogg Opus stream links.

Opus is an open-source, royality-free codec that provides excellent audio quality and extremely efficient bitrates for audio sources ranging from phone quality speech to audiophile quality music.
Read more about Ogg Opus at Wikipedia


This node parks on the *AUSSIE* EchoLink conference when IDLE. What does that mean? It means that when the node is otherwise doing nothing, it parks itself on the *AUSSIE* EchoLink conference where you may hear just about anyone talking about anything. Feel free to pick up your mic and join in...

So, what's the difference between OPUS at 6kbps and 24kbps? 6kbps obviously is only 1/4 the data rate of 24kbps and is considered communication quality. It sounds much like a telephone call and it breaks down fairly quickly with anything more complex than speech. 6kbps will use about 2.5MB of data per hour.
24kbps is closer to being transparent meaning that the output is almost like being in the same room as the person speaking. 24kbps will use about 10MB of data per hour.

This node features retransmission of Amateur News Services from around the world including:
(All times are local Edmonton)

  • Daily 13:00 - Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA) weekly Amateur News Service
  • Daily 14:00 - American Amateur Radio League (ARRL) weekly ARRL Audio News
  • Daily 15:00 - Radio Society Of Great Britain (RSBG) weekly Amateur News Service
  • Daily 15:30 - Wireless Institute of Australia Queensland Branch (WIAQ) weekly Amateur News Service
This node automatically connects to the following IRLP and EchoLink nets:
(All times are local Edmonton)
  • Monday to Saturday 11:00-13:00 REF9109 - Alaska Morning Net; Check in with our neighbours that know the cold as well as we do.
  • Daily at 16:00-18:00 REF9559 - Daily Gold Coast good morning net usually hosted by Daphne, VK4IA. Tune in to Daph and the regular rascals daily.
  • Tuesday 18:00-22:00 REF9050 - East Coast Reflector Technical Net; An open forum for any technical questions related to Amateur Radio
  • Friday 20:00-22:00 REF9100 - WIN System Technical Net; An open forum for any technical questions related to Amateur Radio

Are you interested in having a net added to this list? Contact me via the web-form here (opens in a new window).